AKC Standard Poodle Puppies

Poodles are believed to be the second most intelligent breed after the very hyper, Border Collie. 

Graceful and Proud, Calm and Confident, Loyal Companions, Awesome Family Members with the excellent ability to retrieve. Poodles are among the world's most intelligent dogs. Actually developed as water retrievers, some have continued that tradition and today are still earning hunting titles in several events. Beyond the hunt, they excel at sports like obedience and agility. They make great watchdogs and are easy to live with and train. They also rank low on the destructiveness and excessive barking category. This wonderful breed is fun and loving but do require exercise. Along with regular exercise, they need regular grooming. The coat of a poodle is always growing, therefore keeping a good grooming schedule is best. Speaking of their is a non-shedding, hypo-allegenic coat, making them an even more valuable family dog and traveling companion!  

Are you ready for the best dog ever?  Look no further, our litters are gorgeous, smart and ready for a new journey  with you!

Available Now as of 11-5-19

Perfect Poodle Puppies ready for a new family! Call Misti for more information!  Or email at

Fiona, Sold, and now lives in Searcy, AR.


This absolutely beautiful AKC Standard Chocolate Mocha girl is ready to go! Intelligent and gorgeous! $1500

Born 9-6-19

Bro-bro, available, 12-21-19


This pretty, silver AKC Standard Poodle boy is going to be gorgeous he loves attention and cuddles, and he is super laid-back and calm! $1000

Born 9-6-19


Jewel, staying put, getting ready for the show stage!


This dainty little thing is a true Jewel, so so sweet and lovable, you never want to put her down!

Born 9-6-19

Dixon, Available, 12-21-19


Dixon, an AKC Standard Poodle with cafe au lait colors is such a little superstar, always hamming it up, doing whatever he has to do to get your attention. Loves retrieving, can't wait to see what he does with his new family! $1100

Born 9-6-19

Jar Jar, Available, 12-21-19


Jar Jar is an AKC dark chocolate Standard Poodle  and he is a straight up lovebug, he wants to play, crash and cuddle! He loves to play ball! $1000

Born 9-6-19

Birdie, staying put


Birdie, a dark chocolate AKC Standard Poodle! Bird loves to retrieve, such a natural for anyone looking for a future duck dog! 

Birdie loves retrieving and fetching she is going to be amazing!

How does the process work?


Are you interested in adding a Royal Retriever Poodle to your family?  You are welcome to call to get more information, we also have a questionnaire about general information as well as  other information including health guarantees, limited registration vs- full and deposit  information. All of  which will be e-mailed to you upon your interest and request for a puppy. 

Max, Sold!


Absolutely stunning AKC chocolate phantom male, going to his new home in Pennsylvania! $1800

Isla, Sold!


Isla, an adorable chocolate AKC starting a new life in Hot Springs, Arkansas! $1200



 My family and I love Standard Poodles. We've added Standards to our family and now offer a few pups for sale to the perfect home with a perfect fit.   If you or a family member are interested in one of our pups, send us an email stating your interest and we will contact you. We live in Arkansas at Lake DeGray,  we prefer you to come pick your puppy up, but can also use flying nannies for shipping. 

We offer:

AKC Standard Poodles as family companions or

AKC Standard Poodles as hunting companions, which make perfect family dogs!  Its a win-win!